Pinwheels, Case of 240

Pinwheels, Case of 240


The inconic Pinwheels can be used to make a prevention and awareness garden at your workplace, office, school or church.  If you would like message cards for the pinwheels, please respond to the order email or indicate in the initial form below.

  • Participant Agreement

    Pinwheels for Prevention™ Participant Agreement


    First, thank you for your interest in Pinwheels for Prevention™. Prevent Child Abuse America and its 50 state chapters appreciate your support of this campaign and are happy to welcome your organization as a participant.  In doing so, you will be helping to spread the message that child abuse and neglect prevention is possible in your community.  Second, even though April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month, pinwheels can be used throughout the year.


    The whole idea behind the pinwheel is to “re-frame” child abuse prevention by abandoning the bruises represented by the blue ribbon and replacing it with the colorful image of carefree children playing with pinwheels. This re-framing is based on extensive research showing that the majority of people see child abuse prevention as a national priority but cringe at the stark pictures and stories of child victims. Instead, community members want to know what they can do to help prevent abuse and neglect from happening in the first place.


    The Pinwheels for Prevention™ campaign is designed not only to draw positive attention to the topic of keeping children safe, but also to motivate the public to get involved. To keep the message simple and consistent, all groups and organizations participating in the campaign are required to adhere to the guidelines below. Beyond these core elements, you are encouraged to implement your efforts as creatively as you wish.


    • The pinwheel is firmly established as the national symbol of child abuse prevention and, as such, participants are asked to reference the campaign name as Pinwheels for Prevention™ with or without the logo.
    • You are welcome to equate the pinwheels with the number of children served by your agency.  For example, if your agency served 300 children in the past year, plant 300 pinwheels.  Whatever it means for your agency to serve a child – through prevention programs or any other effort – this method allows you to promote your agency’s good work.
    • You are also welcome to plant a pinwheel for every healthy birth in your community. 
    • Alternatively, you may opt for an approach not tied to statistics but rather offer people the opportunity to make a statement that they support your organization or child abuse prevention by buying and planting a pinwheel.
    • The only positioning not to be used is equating the pinwheel with deaths from or reported cases of child abuse in your community.  The research is clear that we must avoid negative frames so as not to reinforce images that are counter-productive to our new direction.  Therefore, such positioning will not be allowed.



    As a participant in this campaign, I agree to adhere to the above points.  Where applicable, I also acknowledge that Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania “reserves the right” to be the lead agency on Pinwheels for Prevention™ in my state when it is capable or wishes to do so.