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Ways to Get Involved 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month 

Join our iconic Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign - which is designed not only to draw positive attention to the topic of keeping children safe, but also to motivate the public to get involved.  You can order online! Just go to our online store to order, and check out some of the extra resources below:


2018 Pinwheels Agreement

Pinwheels Information Sheet
Coloring Sheet

Activity Sheet

Start A Fundraiser 

Starting a fundraiser to support Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania is easy - you can set up an online fundraising page here. 

Contact our office for fundraising ideas and help - info@PreventChildAbusePa.org

Sponsor a School

We have teamed up with the Cope24 Program to sponsor parenting and child development education in schools.  We will also be evaluating the effectiveness of the program so that the results can be shared across the country.  Learn more here.

Learn more about Child Abuse 

Visit the common questions page 

Visit Prevent Child Abuse America's Home Page 

Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics Page