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Pinwheels for Prevention

Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign

The Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign is the national platform of Prevent Child Abuse America that began in 2008 and has firmly established the pinwheel as the new symbol of child abuse prevention. The pinwheel stands for the carefree childhood we want for all children and is a call to neighbors, community members and leaders to play a role in protecting and nurturing our youngest citizens. Our ultimate goal is for abuse and neglect to never occur and to share the message that Prevention IS Possible.

How to participate in the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign:

The pinwheel can be used in a variety of creative ways and associated with the good work done by organizations as well as celebrating the lives of children. We only ask that you do not associate the pinwheel with cases of child abuse or child deaths as we aim to highlight the programs and services that are having a positive impact on children and families. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Provide a pinwheel for each student to display outside their home so the prevention message can be seen throughout the community.
  • Plant a “pinwheel garden” at your school or place of work.
  • Host a pinwheel parade with every child waving a pinwheel.
  • Send a pinwheel bouquet as a way of acknowledging a person or organization for their efforts at keeping children safe.
  • Organize a fundraiser by collecting donations in exchange for a pinwheel.
  • Incorporate pinwheels into the centerpieces at your next gala event.
  • Support Prevent Child Abuse PA with your own prevention fundraiser ex. Pizzas for Prevention, Police and Paramedics for Prevention, Puppies for Prevention, etc. Get creative and have fun!

Child Abuse Prevention All Year Long

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and that is a time to focus on celebrating children and accepting the role that we all play in keeping them safe. Prevent Child Abuse PA keeps this focus all year long. What can you do right now?  What are the protective factors for decreasing the risk of child abuse? Are there some terrific tips worth sharing? Click Here to find out more.


Pinwheels for Prevention

Pinwheels for Prevention

a colorful way to celebrate the gift of children and to show that keeping them safe is a priority.


Of Interest...

COPE24, which stands for Changing Our Parenting Experience, is a series of video clips and discussion points aimed at educating the next generation of parents BEFORE they become parents. Prevent Child Abuse PA is excited to launch COPE24 in the middle and high schools of 22 school districts in 19 counties. Our goal is to prevent abuse and neglect from ever happening by sharing common, but stressful, parenting situations with our youth so they can be better prepared if they eventually decide to start a family.
Go to www.COPE24.com to read more.

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Parenting isn’t for cowards. Be brave!

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